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Using Color to Add Interest to Your Room – Raspberry, Hot Pick for the First Month of Summer

Color is an easy way to add spunk to a room.  This is what we are recommending:

Flirtier than pink and more playful than red, Raspberry is our hot pick for the first month of summer. Pairing well with both neutrals and vibrant hues, this energetic kiss of color adds the perfect punch of surprise to any room. Boldly used as a wall color or downplayed as an accessory, it’s hard not to feel sassy surrounded by this favorite that enhances any skin tone. Look at how the color raspberry has been used in these rooms.

Using colors in Interior DesignBright Colors for Interior Design

Few things delight more than entering a space and encountering something completely unexpected. The bold use of color in these rooms accomplishes that with exuberance and confidence! We love the statement it makes: I know how to live life and have fun, and will always be full of surprises.

The understated use of color in these rooms serves to enhance the whole while hinting at undiscovered treasures available only to those who persevere in their quest to uncover. The eyes are both soothed by the neutral setting and captivated by the little gems of color artfully placed. When done well, the result is a perfect room.

Interior Design and ColorColors in Interior Design

View our recent video about the color usage and design examples for raspberry!