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Color Trends 2013

Trends never rest! This is especially true of color trends for the interior design industry. It seems to be a relentless ritual; we have our home designed with the seemingly latest colors and trends then wal’la, we are told that it is all changing. Both designers and consumers can’t resisit the urge to look forward to what the experts predict will have a big impact on home furnishing decisions in the future. Next year’s color predicitions are good news for the consumer. Visually, Pantone’s color forecast for 2013 has not strayed too far from the color palettes of 2012. This is good for consumers who expect practical solutions to their design needs. These solutions need to have staying power especially in unsteady times. You can expect the color palettes of 2013 “to coax and cajole, soothe or astonish, renew and replenish.”

Pantone has forecast nine color palettes for 2013 which believe it or not is just around the corner. These palettes offer something for all tastes!

  • With the Connoisseur palette we find colors that can be called sophisticated and refined. These colors range from violets and orchids, liquid pink, deep mahogany to alyssum white and beechnut green.


  • In the Glamour palette we find the sense of sleekness and sensuousness of the Art Deco era. With colors like Rio red and Monaco blue to ethereal gray, moonmist and jasper teal, we are reminded of the opulence of “The Great Gatsby” brought to the 21st century.


  • Another example of bringing the past to the present is the New Old School palette. Here we will see colors that celebrate “the hues typically found in iconic flags and banners.” This group boasts the colors ribbon red, bright white and sodalite blue.


  • Are you drawn to interiors with a rustic tendency?  Then the Rugged Individuals palette is for you!  These tones seem inspired by polished leathers, weathered wood and blue jeans.


  • The Extracts palette makes one think of things like spiced coral and apple cinnamon. All very tasty and appealing!


  • If you are looking for colors like Oasis and Sudan brown or fiery pink flambe’ then the Footprints palette could be just what your are looking for!


  • The Sojourn palette seems to speak of colors found along the road of life. It features wine and plum inspired hues a long with hues of cobblestone and shitake.


  • If you’re seeking more touchaable colors, look to the Surface Treatments palette. Here is a very tactile group with colors like fallen rock and birch, Maui blue and agave.


  • Last but not least, Out of the Ordinary is the palette that declares its uniqueness with colors called pureed pumpkin, chocolate truffle , bright voilet and linden green.


We look forward to blogging all year long about what we think are great interior designs using Pantone’s latest color trends.

FACT: “Pantone has been the world’s color authority for nearly 50 years, providing design professionals with products and services for the colorful exploration and expression of creativity.”