Client Testimonials


Debbie M.

The resources & training available through the Global Design Dealer network has contributed greatly to the success of my existing interior design business. I’m excited to be part of a new & fresh approach to running a profitable business.


Misty T.

I’m thrilled to be part of the Global Design Dealer network. Their proven model for success has helped me discover how I can grow my design business quickly, efficiently & profitably. I have learned how to eliminate my overhead, increase my customer traffic & build a business that strengthens my own brand. This is a very innovative program for anyone wishing to start, build or strengthen an interior design business.

Tammie O.

Membership in the Global Design Dealer network is like a dream come true for an independent designer. To have my name out there in front of clients I would normally never attract is priceless.


Jacquelyn G.

As a young independent designer, I have found the Global Design Dealer network has provided me an avenue to expand and grow my business in ways I would have never imagined. It has allowed me to have resources and access to products that would have taken me years to build on my own.


Jeannie L.

Through membership in the Global Design Dealer network, I have access to lines I never knew existed, making me a much better resource for my clients & increasing sales exponentially.


Kathy W.

Having a network of experienced designers is invaluable. I am so pleased I have such easy access to design resources and a great variety of product lines at my fingertips.


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